Felice Andreis at home, signing the new prints that will be exposed at MIA Fair.
Giuncarico, april 2013

The Felice Andreis archive is composed of circa 7,000 negatives on film, 1000 6x9cm glass plates, 2000 small-sized gelatin silver prints (1932-1937) collected in eight folders and various boxes. There are also 120 vintage large prints on suede paper printed by Studio Tirone in Turin. Many of them are still assembled with the original cardboard frame with signatures and seals that testify the participation to the contests held by the American Camera Club circuit during the ‘30s. From the post-war period there is a large number of small size prints, and more than 5000 color slides from his time and travels in South Africa.

Starting from 2007 a selection of photographs have been printed from the original versions making use of the best fine art technology on museum-quality pure cotton paper, very similar to the suede paper used in the ’30s for the American Camera Club exhibitions. These new prints have been curated by Carlo Bonazza under the supervision of the centenarian Felice Andreis, who was actively involved with selecting the subjects and followed each step of the process. Up until his very last days he signed and personally numbered the prints for the exhibitions. In the photographic gallery you will find a selection of the stamps present on the back of the prints sent to the exhibitions organized in the ’30s by the American Camera Club.